Our programs are AWESOME and they are AFFORDABLE. Did you know that we charge our weekly fees on a sliding scale so that a families’ income, or lack of it, does not preclude them from enrolling their children in our awesome, child-led, and inquiry-based programs? We make up the difference in the cost care through fundraisers, federal support, grants from organizations and corporate donations, and gifts from local community members like you because every child deserves an awesome early childhood experience! (You can donate now here!)

Every Friday this summer, our Interim Executive Director, Rho Trumbo, posts a fun activity from our summer program on our facebook feed. Please follow us to see the good work and the smiling faces of our children as they learn through play! What a joy it is to have the charge of caring for these delightful little ones as they grow their bodies, minds, and spirits.

June 2 – We had a great Kick-off for our “Fun Fridays” for the summer. Miss Hailey Hiatt, shared her talents with us by playing songs such as “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and many songs from the “Frozen soundtrack”! It was great to see how excited and curious even our littlest ones were about the music!


June 9 –  Bottlecaps, Puppets, Photo booths and Ice Cream… What a fantastic,”Fun Friday” here at KDCDC/LOCC. Thanks to all the parents who were able to visit! A special “shout out” goes to Chef Biannca, Dee Kimbrell, Mrs. Anne, and our staff that always goes the extra mile to make such special days happen!

June 14 – Sum..Sum..Summer Time! Water Day!

June 23 – Frozen pops on a hot summer Friday…

June 29 – Gracious gardeners! Our children love to plant, water and try vegetables from our garden. The children have also planted beautiful flowers all over the playscape. Our sunflowers are magnificent! Come by for a visit and the children will be able to tell you all about tasting cucumbers and peppers!

Thank you for spreading the word of our program to families with little ones. We are enrolling children for our new classroom and have spots available for 2-5 year olds. Please visit or call the center at 615-865-5164 or fill out this easy inquiry application (Please note: You will be called if a spot becomes available. Placement is not guaranteed).

Thank you also for sharing our work with your family and friends who are able to support our work financially! (You can donate now here!)


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