Important Reminder: You will be informed if your child is affected by a potential or confirmed exposure of Covid-19. We will keep all affected parties confidential – this means we cannot answer questions about where an exposure came from or who all it affects. If you do not hear from us regarding an exposure, that means your child was not affected to the best of our knowledge. Thank you for your patience and cooperation with us. 

King's Daughters Child Development Center Covid-19 Guidelines

Please Note: If your family is notified of a possible or direct exposure to Covid-19, it is your obligation to stay home until it has been determined that you are no longer at risk of having the virus. Please contact [email protected] and/or [email protected] only, to inform about your possible exposure.

In turn, we will contact Metro Health Department epidemiologists for the latest guidance as needed.


Covid-19 Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Official COVID-19 Guidance: Click Here

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention FAQ – COVID-19 & Children: Click Here

Tennessee Dept. of Health Coronavirus Disease Information Page: Click Here

Tennessee Dept. of Health FAQ Regarding Food Safety: Click Here

Map of Testing Locations in Tennessee: Click Here

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