Upcoming Closings for King’s Daughters:

Friday, March 29th CLOSED for Good Friday

          Our Vision

          The King’s Daughters Child Development Center is the Center of Excellence for early learning, family support, and professional development.

          The King’s Daughters Child Development Center was founded in 1965 and opened in 1966 to provide child care and educational programs for children and resources for their families.


          The King’s Daughters Child Development Center is a Reggio inspired center. We see each child as having inborn abilities and potential as well as strength and creativity. Children are not seen as “empty vessels” to be filled with facts and information. They are individuals deserving of respect; they are competent and capable learners. The physical environment is seen as the “third teacher” offering lots of natural light, pleasing, comfortable furnishings, and beautiful artwork. We offer areas where children can gather to talk with one another, explore books and writing, take part in “hands on” science explorations, be creative with paint and clay, and of course a natural play area outside. Teachers are seen as partners in the learning process – allowing children to explore, ask questions, and test their own hypotheses. Teachers document the work of the child through child dictation, pictures, notes and recording of teacher/child and child/child conversation. We complete and carefully study daily documentation to help teachers plan new activities for the children.

          The Reggio philosophy also holds dear the forming of community – with children, parents, staff and the neighborhood community at large. Parents are seen as their child’s “first teacher” and welcomed into the classroom community at anytime.

          We hope you will come and visit us and experience our Reggio Inspired learning environment for yourself!


          Opened over five decades ago as the King’s Daughters Day Home, the heart of the mission of the center today remains the same: In service and faith, we nurture children in an engaging learning community regardless of income. As a United Way supported, nonprofit child care facility, KDCDC annually serves approximately 82 children, from infants to five years old and 15 – 20 school-age children during the summer months. Families pay weekly fees on a sliding scale based on income.

          KDCDC utilizes a project-based approach that centers around play. Activities are process-focused rather than product-focused and are student led, designed, and implemented, with teachers coming alongside students in the discovery process. We provide classroom activities and enrichment opportunities that aid in developmental growth, professional development for teachers, and family engagement opportunities and workshops for families. We also provide two meals and one snack per weekday for every child and staff member.

          Focus on building creativity, problem solving, social-emotional capacity, and other skills relevant to the project based, play-focused curriculum is crucial for young children and helps lay the groundwork for success in their future endeavors.

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