Thankful for your kindness

Posted by Amanda Wallace on November 21, 2018

Category: Partnerships
In this season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for you! We are so thankful for the donations from so many local businesses, organizations, and philanthropists like you. Your support means the world to us and can mean everything to our children – even though they may never know your name. We know your name, and we are so grateful for you! To examine how we faithfully use your gifts to serve our children and families,
Our toddlers’ perception of the world is so unique and precious – and we never know what they might say once they learn to communicate! Our teachers have shared some of their favorite memories of the funny things our 12-24 month old children have said over the years… enjoy this laugh with us! From the mouth of babes… Ms. Ciara: A two year old had a plastic bottle with a spoon inside and Ms. Angie
Our programs are AWESOME and they are AFFORDABLE. Did you know that we charge our weekly fees on a sliding scale so that a families’ income, or lack of it, does not preclude them from enrolling their children in our awesome, child-led, and inquiry-based programs? We make up the difference in the cost care through fundraisers, federal support, grants from organizations and corporate donations, and gifts from local community members like you because every child deserves
This month our children have been exploring pumpkins! With their teachers’ help, children have been painting pumpkins, opening pumpkins to learn what is inside, planting pumpkin seeds, weighing pumpkins, making guesses about pumpkins and finding the answers to their questions about pumpkins! They’ve been singing songs, reading books, listening to poems, connecting the sound of /p/ to a real object, counting syllables, and more and more and more. For several days in a row, a
In Part 1 of our Money Talk series, we broke down all of the expenses we anticipate this year for our programs and services. You know that our mission is to provide, through service and faith, an engaging learning environment for all of our children, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. We offer a sliding scale for families to pay our weekly fees based on their income and we accept certificates for government reimbursement.
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