Our toddlers’ perception of the world is so unique and precious – and we never know what they might say once they learn to communicate! Our teachers have shared some of their favorite memories of the funny things our 12-24 month old children have said over the years… enjoy this laugh with us! From the mouth of babes…

Ms. Ciara: A two year old had a plastic bottle with a spoon inside and Ms. Angie asked her what she was making. Without missing a beat, she said, “A baby!”. We all died laughing.

Ms. Ana: I love getting lots of happy Birthday wishes when it’s not even my birthday!

Ms. Trinia: I was at the changing table so I said to a little girl, “Come on, little princess!  Ms. Trinia needs you to be changed!” And her reaction! She said “You don’t need me!” I just laughed and hugged her. Really cute. Great moment!

Ms. Jonda: A child asked me what I was cooking and I told her that I was filling ketchup bottles…she said, “That’s not a very good lunch”  and walked away….

Ms. Andrea: One of our little men said that he had his license and could drive me home on his bus!


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