This summer, one of our alumni students – who’s now a highschooler and turning 17 this month! – contacted us  to see if there was anything he could do to help at the center. Brian Stinson is a Life Scout with Troop 413 – First Baptist Hendersonville and on his way to achieving Eagle – the top level in the Boy Scouts program. As part of the Eagle program, he has the challenge of completing a project to serve his community. We’re so honored he thought of fondly of his time at King’s Daughters and reached out to us!

Working with Ms. Lee, our Assistant Director, Brian set out to make a few enhancements for our toddler playground. I had the pleasure of speaking with him before school started again and he filled me in on some of his dreams and plans for the site.


Me: What are your dreams for the infant/toddler playground?

Brian: I decided to make more toys, like walker toys. I’ve got tires donated, which I’ll cut in half and then put a plank on top of the tire and top it with the head of a fun animal. I’ve also got plans to make a tire tunnel. I’ve got 5-6 tires to line up in yard to create a tunnel. Right now I’m thinking through the ground level. I’ve got to find something other than mulch because two year olds and mulch doesn’t mix well.

Some of Brian’s note and photo inspirations!

M: That’s a good point!

B: I’m also going to get some pots and pans and make a music board for the kids and a second tunnel with a small music tunnel inside. King’s Daughters has a hill in the [play yard] and they’ve asked me to figure out how to make a ground slide on the hill, so I’m looking at that.

M: If everything runs smoothly, when do you plan to finish the project?

B: King’s Daughters would love for it to be ready this fall. Technically I have until I turn 18 (next summer) to complete all of my Eagle requirements, but I don’t intend to let it drag out.

M: Those sound like some amazing projects that our toddlers will love to explore. Will you be building all of this by yourself?

B: No. I’m working with my Boy Scout Troop and the Eagle Council. Every Monday I give them updates on the project and get their feedback. When all the plans are finalized, I’ll plan a construction day and ask the guys in my troop to help me.


We’re so proud of Brian and so grateful for his time and effort this summer! It’s amazing to see our little ones blossom into caring and motivated young adults – that’s why we do what we do. We’ll send updates as the project progresses this fall!


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