We are always thrilled to hear from our beloved ‘graduates’ after they leave our center and begin Kindergarten and beyond. Below, we hear from Samantha Blackburn, grandmother of Zavi, a new Kindergartener. We’re so glad to hear about her smooth transition to Kindergarten this fall and loved all the pictures she shared with us!
How old was Zavi when she first started King’s Daughters?
She was about 27 months, just over two years old. She stayed until she left for Kindergarten at age five.

Voting in 2016!

Why did you choose King’s Daughters?

I had known Millie Grammer [a long time beloved volunteer and supporter!] for several years. We were hoping that the infant school would be built in time for Zavi to attend. It wasn’t built in time, but we were happy to sign her up for the preschool program once she was old enough. I guess we heard about it through word of month in the community – we knew how awesome it was.

Family Thanksgiving at KDCDC

What did you like about the program? 
The kids were free to be who they were, and the diversity of the kids and the teachers. It was a freer environment, more open.

Fashion Show 2015

In Ms. Amy’s classroom


Do you have any favorite memories from Zavi‘s time there?
She always really liked when the symphony came and the farm petting zoo. There was a dog that came on Sept 11. She loved all the extras that came along with the daily learning.
Tell me about the transition to Kindergarten. Has it gone smoothly?
A breeze, it’s gone great. She was learning so much at King’s Daughters and didn’t realize it. The transition to K – she is already so well advanced than other kids. She was prepared for being in a classroom with other kids and following rules. She’s so eager to learn. If she wasn’t napping, her teacher would sit with her and another girl and read with them. She picked up some extra things that were individualized for her.

Zavi with her new Kindergarten teacher

Would you recommend other families consider King’s Daughters?
Absolutely. It was just all awesome. It was awesome experience, period. From the parent point of view and from the child. It was a collective experience. They did an amazing job of supporting me when I lost both of my parents really close together. They supported Zavi and me. It was a real relationship.

Cheering for her new school!


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