Johnny Mac and his mother, Mary, were having so much fun experimenting with baking soda, vinegar and food coloring.

Throughout the year, we host several workshops for families. One evening in September, parents and children enjoyed hands on activities led by our Instructional Coach, Ms. Rho, in our Studio. We talked about the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) concepts and integrating them through projects and activities.

For one activity, the families made homemade play dough (and took a copy of the recipe home). The recipe calls for typical pantry items such as flour, water and salt. We examined how parents can ask open-ended questions as they work with their children. They were given prompts to help them through this process.

The children laughed out loud with joy as their wizard’s brew foamed over the top of their cups and changed colors!

This was a great time of learning and experimenting.

Our family workshops are made possible through our incredible partnership with the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville (and financial support from community members like you!).

We’re currently enrolling inquisitive learners in our Reggio inspired program. Weekly fees are based on household income-we are deeply committed to ensuring our excellent program is affordable! Please contact us at 615-865-5164 for more information.


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